Monday, February 4, 2013

School, Puerto Vallarta, Valeria

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well!

The kids had two weeks off of school recently so teachers could catch up on planning.  They did this after they had started school in January.  Isn't that crazy?

It gave me time to get ahead in my lesson plans, which is such a relief!  This is what it looked like when I was working on my lesson plans!

I'm really excited about the new semester beginning.  Even though it's hard work, the kids are learning so much!  Their reading and math skills have improved in the past 7 months.  3 of the older girls I have been teaching are taking tests so that they can go to private and public high schools!  One of my girls has never been to school in her life, and she gets her chance this August.

Over the school break we traveled in two groups to Puerto Vallarta.  Some of the staff, including me, got to have a nice 4 day break from all of the work we do here at La Ola.  The kids went with the other staff members to a different beach and got to see whales!!  I was so jealous!  It was so great to have a break like that.  We got to just lay on the beach and enjoy silence for a while.  Even though we wanted to stay at the beach, it was good to get back home and get back into the routine.

Valeria, our youngest girl here (2 years old), has been caught washing the dishes lately.  She will scoot her chair up to the sink and wash her plate just like the older girls.

She has even been talking.  She calls me "Ewen, Ewen!"  She got in trouble today and had to sit "The Chair" for a few minutes (she does this quite often.  She throws many fits) and she said "Ewen, Ewen, Ya?"  Which means, "Erin, Erin, now?"  As in now can I get up?  It was so adorable, but I wasn't taken in my it!  haha, I made her sit for a few minutes longer and then let her down.  Something else that I recently found out about Valeria, is when she throws fits before taking naps or going to sleep at night, if I tap on the metal bunk bed above her, she goes silent and watches my tapping like a little cat.  So every time she throws a fit before bed, she drifts off to sleep to the quiet tapping of metal.  I'm sure glad I found that little trick...Pheww.

Anyway, I just wanted to send out a little update!

I love you all!



  1. That little girl is so precious! I didn't understand some part of the sentence after her sitting in the chair and asking you if she could get up, it may have been a typo since English is no longer your main language. :) Lobe your updates and I'm jealous about the whales too!

  2. I love you!! I don't know how I missed this update till now, but it is good to hear what all is going on, in addition to our voxer convos :)
    I can't wait to see you in July. Bring Valeria and I will adopt her, she is a cutie pie!